Top eBay Market Research Tools

Top eBay Market Research Tools

With an effective market research, you can know what you need for your scouring,  the product’s likelihood to sell. You can also adjust the auction/fix-price strategy and your target market. I suggest you leveraging the below 2 ebay Market Research Tools and the ebay search engine, your get what and take your business to next level.

1. Terapeak

Terapeak.com is a powerful tool for ebay and Amazon seller getting insider data help to grow the business to next level. The most powerful function in Terapeak is running an analysis report of your competitors. Show in detail of every item of your competitor sold in a certain period of time and detailed report of total Sale and Item Sold, Sell-Through. While applying the filter, your will get more accurate result. If you are a cross-border seller, I strongly suggest you enable the multi-research function.

2. Watchcount

Watchcount.com is a free ebay compatible application site that enables you to find out the most watched listing by keywords and categories. It supports 18 ebay sites including ebay.com ebay.co.uk & ebay.de etc. The search result base on the number of buyers added to their ebay watching list. This likely implies that the demanding of that product or the best selling items in each category, helping you to make an accurate decision and add another edge to your market research efforts. Not same as Terapeak, Watchcount is a real-time research tool show live listing. No matter an auction or fixed price item, it will show on the Watchcount result page. It also implies that if the numbers are accumulated as long as the listing is still online. There is another eBay keywords tool in Watchcount.com show the most popular eBay searches.


With these 2 ebay tools, your are now able to search and source what buyers mostly wanted. Know more and sell more!

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