How to Optimize Your Chatbot Messages with HiSumo

How to Optimize Your Chatbot Messages with HiSumo

So you’ve got HiSumo – Shopify App installed and running on your Shopify store. What next?

HiSumo is great out of the box, but you can leverage advanced strategies to gain more reviews, repurchases, and referrals to your store with just a few quick and easy customizations.

Don’t have the HiSumo Shopify app? These tips can apply to any store owner looking to build trust with your buyers. They do work best with our app, so if you haven’t installed HiSumo yet, give us a try and click HERE.

Request phone numbers from the checkout page

After installing HiSumo from the Shopify App store, check your Shopify settings to make sure that HiSumo can collect buyer phone numbers at checkout.

That’s why capturing phone numbers is key to making the most of HiSumo. Shopify provides an option for you to set “Phone Number” as required at the checkout page:

Phone Number always required

Go to your Shopify backend, navigate to Settings -> Checkout-> Form options, and you will find the menu above with phone number options.

Our research shows that satisfied customers pay more attention to text messages than email marketing campaigns. We designed HiSumo as a text-based (SMS) chatbot system to leverage the power of SMS-based marketing campaigns alongside its core function as a customer service chatbot.

Text is the most effective way to outreach your buyer once you’ve built the relationship with them. Collect this data at checkout and you will be positioned for more effective, wider-reaching SMS campaigns.

Always provide an opt in/out option

Be careful not to spam your SMS subscribers, and always give them a clear way of opting out of your marketing messages. This is as true of SMS campaigns as it is conventional email marketing.

By sending HiSumo a message saying ‘Unsubscribe’, the customer can opt out of the HiSumo service at any time after checkout.

Let your buyers know how to unsubscribe

Always include this reminder in your first message from HiSumo — this first contact is the most important one when it comes to building trust. If customers feel spammed, they won’t come back.

Give Your Chatbot a Voice of Its Own

HiSumo activates and informs your customers at three critical checkpoints in the purchasing process: Order Checkout, Shipment Fulfilled, and Shipment Delivered. At these points, HiSumo will text your buyer with our default message settings. Give your brand a personality through your HiSumo messages, depending on your product and target audience. Why settle for boilerplate language when you can set your brand apart?

Our next tips show you the three critical communication points in the purchase process — customize them to make your customers’ experience memorable and personal.

Write your own custom text on the “Customize messages” page

Right Message at the Right Time

HiSumo takes the guesswork out of customer service by proactively engaging with your customers throughout the purchase process. Let’s walk through the three-step flow:


Once the check-out is finished (1st Greeting)

The first greeting message comes at the most important checkpoint with your customer, and at this step in the purchase process they’re usually wondering when your store will ship their order. Let’s say your operations will process the order within 24 hours — you want to push this information to your buyer at the outset and keep them updated on the status of their purchase.

Once the order is dispatched

Shipment Fulfilled:

After an order is processed, the most frequent question from customers is “Where is my shipment and when will it arrive?” Once you have fulfilled and uploaded the tracking information, connect your customers to tracking tools. When your buyer can track the shipment themselves, you will reduce your customer service workload.

Once the shipment is delivered

Shipment Delivered:

HiSumo manages your tracking numbers and informs your customers once the order is delivered. This is the best moment to gauge your customer’s satisfaction and invite them to leave a review of the product. HiSumo is integrated with Yotpo review on Shopify, which allows you to convert your customer’s review text into a 5-star review on your store page.

5-Stars Review Leave via HiSumo Chatbot

Yotpo Integration with HiSumo

Yotpo is the smartest review tool on Shoplift to increase sales and retain more customers. It is easy to setup and a free tool. To install Yotpo review in your Shopify store:


Put your Yopot key into HiSumo


Finally, you must put your Yopot key on HiSumo’s setting page otherwise we can’t put buyer reviews on your site. You can link Yotpo and HiSumo on the “Review” tab as shown above.

These tips will make the most of HiSumo’s customizable features, saving you time while improving your customer’s shopping experience.

And once you’ve done that, you’re ready to take things to the next level with marketing campaigns and SMS broadcasts to increase your customer retention, repurchase, and referral.  Subscribe HERE for more tips and blog posts on how to maximize HiSumo’s performance for your Shopify store.

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