How to Improve Your eBay Selling Limit ?

ebay selling limit

How to Improve Your eBay Selling Limit ?

Why you have an eBay selling limit?

ebay selling limit is a hot topic on the forum or community about how increasing selling allowance on ebay. As more and more seller onboard this years, ebay has to ensure a trusted and safe environment for all buyers and sellers. As a world leading online marketplace, a smooth transaction will lead to customer re-purchasing. That is what ebay and sellers’ ideal case.

Increasing your allowance

Kindly contact ebay customer support, select to improve selling limit topic. Before that, you have to keep your account at an excellent performance and a high level of transactions. Ensure that your have no VeRo record and cleared all ebay buyer protection case & Paypal case. Also, a high feedback return rate and the usage of selling allowance will be considered. According to years of experience, you better well prepared a business plan for your ebay account, talk about how to improve your service and business. Category and site expansions always a good reason to have a new account with high-level selling allowance. Selling allowance could be review by monthly and ebay agents will detail check your account performance when you submit the request.

Tips on building customer satisfaction

The key to improve ebay selling limit is keeping good account performance and customer satisfaction. This is impossible for many business owners that with no ebay experience or no free time to handle customer service themselves. Better manage your customer exception on shipping time and item quality. 5 stars feedback always left by a customer who received goods in perfect condition and earlier than what they are expected. 

Improve your Customer Support

If you lack time to handle ebay customer service or you can not achieve what ebay required. Let Us Take Care of Your ebay Customer Service, 79ecommerce do 24/7 customer service for ebay sellers.

We focus on providing consistent, high-quality customer service that is prompt, efficient and friendly. We work closely with all ebay sellers to achieve their objectives and exceed their customer’s expectations. Check this out here.

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