4 Reasons why HiSumo is More Effective than Email Marketing

4 Reasons why HiSumo is More Effective than Email Marketing

We created HiSumo, a Shopify Marketing App. An alternative to email marketing to grow Shopify eCommerce stores through customer referral and repurchase. Our strategy for success is to improve the customer buying experience with proactive, instantaneous communication at the right time in the purchasing cycle.


If your own an E-commerce business, you’re probably already using email as a marketing tool to stay in touch with existing and potential customers. Email has become such a common marketing strategy that many customers feel spammed with marketing messages: The average customer receives 92 emails per day and most of them go unopened. Inboxes are only getting more crowded and businesses need to work even harder to entice customers to open, read, click, and convert.


HiSumo accomplishes this using a text (SMS)-based Chatbot system to reach out to your customers during the purchasing process. HiSumo also provides an SMS broadcast system so that you can target engaged and satisfied customers for future marketing campaigns.


Still not sure about text marketing? Here are 4 reasons why SMS can improve your conversation rates vs. traditional email marketing:


Reach your buyers anytime, anywhere

91% of Americans have a cell phone that is text-ready — in other words, pretty much everyone can send and receive texts, and they’re carrying their phones around with them. When you send out a marketing broadcast with HiSumo, you are reaching your customers almost instantly.


SMS is superior to other types of customer communications because it has virtually no latency or a gap in time between communication and customer action. Customers don’t need to install an app, and your messages won’t be sitting in an app or an inbox unread for hours, days, or weeks.


SMS lets you reach your customers anytime, anywhere, and all you need is a cellphone number. Be sure to get the buyer’s number upfront at the checkout page. Learn how to collect customer numbers on Shopify.


High open and click rate

When you are running a marketing campaign, the most important indicators to track are open rate and click rate — those two metrics are the basis of an effective marketing campaign that converts. Text messages have a whopping 99% open rate (and 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received). Compare that to traditional email marketing, which has a 16.75% open rate and 2.32% click rate for the eCommerce sector, according to MailChimp data from February 2017.


If you want to get your message in front of customers quick, text is clearly superior to email messages. HiSumo is a low-cost marketing tool that helps you increase your business on Shopify with this simple but powerful approach.


 Build trust and target only your loyal buyers


HiSumo’s buyer assistant services provide timely updates to your customers throughout the purchasing process. The buyer assistant bot customizes SMS messages, pushes shipment status at the right time, and provides after-sales customer service. It’s all part of enhancing the customer experience so that your first-time buyers come back for more.


With SMS broadcasting, you can reach those customers again. They’ve already come to know your brand through HiSumo communications, and this increases the click rate and conversion rate of marketing campaigns delivered through our system.


Engage with your customers from the very start to build a solid loyal buyer subscription list. Reap the benefits of your hard work with engaged customers and communications that convert. HiSumo is designed to help you at every step in the process. Learn more about the HiSumo Method here.


Short, Sweet, and Simple

Text messages (SMS) are limited to 160 characters. Like Twitter, these limitations can actually be an advantage in keeping your communications streamlined and Easy to read within a few seconds. Ensure your message is to-the-point and bring values to your customers.


One tip for SMS marketing is to use short URLs. Long URLs are an eyesore and they eat up your 160 character limit. Use a free URL-shortening website like Goo.gl or Bit.ly to make tidy URLs for short and sweet SMS messages.


If you like the HiSumo Method, remember to read our tips for Shopify. HiSumo Marketing Campaigns, Customer Retention Techniques and How to set up HiSumo in your Shopify store. If you have not yet install HiSumo App for Shopify which is free to install and your first 100 credits are free. Revitalize your customer experience today with the most effective and powerful marketing tools for Shopify.

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